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Gourmet food - Les fromages

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After cold cut meats, cheeses are the second gourmet specialities of Corsica territory.
Hard or soft winter or Summer, goat or sheep, each has its own specific taste and perfume.
Corsican cheese is an art, its making a secret. Upper Corsican is sweeter and softer than that of Southern Corsica which stays several months in the dark before being sold.

You cant leave the island without tasting the "pot cheese". Prepared with the heated whey in which un skimmed milk curdles into big creamy curds. It’s made from January to July. It takes 11 litters of goat or sheep milk to make the way necessary to make 1 kilo of cheese. Ready in several hours, it must be eaten quickly just sprinkled with fig liquor, for example and a bit of sugar. But most often it’s used in fritters "fritelle" and in pastry "u fiadone" (a divine pound cake based with pot cheese lemon egg and sugar ),"e falculelle" on a chestnut leaf or "I sciacci". Its also eaten in omelettes plain or with mint, or in pasta to stuff the famous melting cannelloni. But about a dozen other local cheeses exist.

Scrub Flowers
Or "love branch" is a goat cheese which salutes Corsican herbs. Soft, hand made, rolled in savoury and rosemary, it has peppers and juniper berries in the centre. Unprocessed this cheese gives of a herby smell.

Farm cheese, it’s a soft sheep cheese named after a Northern islands river. Its washed crust has orange reflections. Its finished for 2 month allowing its taste to fully develop.

Sheep cheese with rounded shapes gives off a strong smell lightly acid. Its marinated in its juice to finish it off.

Hard ("tome")
Cheese made from ewes milk. The cheese under a yellow crust with the taste of fresh hazelnut a bit spicy.

Typical Corsican mountain cheese, awes its name to a Central Corsican village. Soft crust, square formed with rounded edges, this cheese has a natural rough crust. If its refined for 3-4 month its fatty, hard and gives off a strong fermented smell. Its flavour gives off the strong animal taste. It’s eaten from Spring to Autumn. They are all made from raw milk.