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Corsica, a mountain in the sea, produces great quality waters. Vineyards is the 1st farming producer on the island 50% actually, the "AOC" controls crown the selection of Corsican products. Liquors, digestives are famous and lately one can taste Corsican Chestnut beer.

3 Kingly wine stocks :
Its the step cousin of "Grovese" Italian which contributed to rename it. Its cradle is St- Florent, made alone has a deep red colour strong and balanced. Its unknown in the South, because Patrimonio is the only territory with a clay-calcium protected from winds.
It gives very elegant wine, especially light flowery aromas while its colour is pale flesh.
It’s a dark plant character of granite Corsica. It appears in Balagne, Its home is in the Ajaccio region and is also present in Sartene (Figari and Porto Vecchio). Already cultivated in the Roman period, Muscat wine "u muscatellu", or "l’impassitu" is incomparably sweet.

30 years of controlled origin and for 15 years known by being named "quality wine". Patrimonio covers 6 communities from Conca d’Oro : Barbaggio, Oletta, Farinole, Poggio d’Oletta, St-Florent and Ppatrimonio without forgetting the 7th St Pietrodi Tenda in the high Nebbio.
Nielluccio is surely Corsicas best well disserved. The best strong and flavourful come from the reputation of quality plants. The oldest and most famous of the AOC is made in the Nebbio in the heart of Conca d’Oru facing St Florent in its small out up domains : Arena, Gentile, Orenga de Goffry, Leccia, etc.. This generous wine goes well with pork meat and fowl.
5 wines make up Patrimonio vineyards :
2 whites Vermintino or "Malvoisie de Corse" and white "Ugni" or "Rossola bianca".
3 reds Niellucciu, Grenanche or Alicante and Sciaccarellu.

It’s the kingdom of Sciacarello, this grape has a pulp almost crunchy which gives many flavour and notoriety to this wine. The Ajaccio hells spread from Balagne to Sartene, giving famous precious reds : Domain of Peraldi, Clos Capitoro, Catarelli.

Its Balagna wines, these red wines don’t miss out on body nor "bouquet" the roses are fine, whites without sharpness. Clos Reginu, Landry,Culombu.

Small vineyards produce harmonious reds. pleasant roses and whites at the same time pleasant roses and whites at the same time dry ad fruity which deserve to be kept several years ; Domain Torraccia.

Colourful wines full bodied, and personality like that of Fiumiciccoli Domain.

French wines more Mediterranean like grow on the fields and born from its rude landscape like "l’Omu di Cagna".

Eastern Coast
Wines produced along the E coast (Aleria, Ghisonaccia) and on the Golo banks, the best known are President and Costa Serena.

Mineral water are many amongst the un bubbly are Zillia and St George. L’acqua Corsa and Orezza are bubbly.

Amongst the local aperitifs Rappu coming from Patrimonio and you can get around the original Cap Corse.
Digestives : myrtle, chestnut and prune.
Beer brewed and chestnut based, Pietra is the best known of Corsica beers. As well as the blond beer Serena and the latest Colomba is also flavourful.