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CORSICA - Discover Isle of Beauty

Corsica is a land of contrasts.

"The island of beauty" as we used to call it is a veritable mountain in the sea. "

Its highest point is Monte Cinto: it peaks at 2 710 meters and is located only 25 kilometers from the sea! The island also has many peaks rising to over 2,000 meters (Ritondu Monte, Monte Pedru, Paglia Orba, Monte d'Oro, Monte Renoso, ...).

The island has an area of 8 722 km2 of which over 1 000 km of coastline (bays, sandy beaches and rocky).
The west coast is most divided, because exposed to prevailing winds. Many deep gulfs are present on this coast. The eastern shore is more linear: there are long, flat stretch of coastline of the eastern plain.

Tourism residence Bastia

Cultural leisures Ajaccio
Nave Va

Agritourism Vivario
U Campanile

Lodging Nonza
Casa Maria chambres d'hôte

The island also has many rivers and lakes are beautiful landscapes of Corsica. The longest river in Corsica is the Golo, along 80 km. 43 glacial lakes are located in high mountains.

Corsica has managed to preserve its natural areas through an international marine park, nature reserves (the best known are those of Scandola, North West Island, and Bonifacio, the southernmost) and the Natural Park Regional de Corse.

The island is one of the largest in the western Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia.
It is distant 90 km from the Italian port of Piombino and is located 170 km north-west of Nice. Sardinia is only 12 km south of the island.

The current climate on the island is the Mediterranean climate in summer, temperatures range from 25 to 30 ° C. Winters are quite harsh especially in the mountains. The winds that blow as in Corsica are libecciu the sirocco and north wind.

Corsica is composed of 2 departments:
- Upper Corsica, with the capital Bastia
- Corsica and the South, with the capital Ajaccio.

Over 280 000 people inhabit the island. The languages spoken are French, of course, and Corsican.

The main activities of Corsica are tourism (which accounts for 12% of GDP) and agriculture (production of clementines, kiwi, chestnuts, sheep, cattle, swine, wine, ...).