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Gourmet food - Les fruits et légumes

Holiday villages Bonifacio
Bocca di Feno

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Tourism residence Bonifacio
Bocca di Feno

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Summer is the time to taste seasonal fruits yellow or white peaches, nectarine, apricots, water melon, melon, figs…Winter we’re known with chestnut based dishes.

If nature gives wild strawberry trees and figs many citrus fruits grow on the Eastern plain. Clementine (mandarin oranges), kiwis, grapefruit, hazelnuts and almonds, lemons, cedrat and nashi (half bred pears and apples). Grapes and peaches fill the markets during the good weather. All these juicy fruits give many specialities : candied fruits, jams, liquors, wines, taffy.
are the oasis of the Corsica diet. We pour the sifted flour in salted water bring it to a boil and stir till it makes a smooth mixture. Its preparation is all a tradition. Polenta is eaten as bread. Never a father would marry his daughter without making 22 dishes of chestnut based dishes especially the renowned polenta eaten with "brocciu" and "figatellu".