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There are five main itineraries proposed by the regional national park.
The paths ‘tra mare e monti’ (between sea and mountain) are easier than the GR20 and can be done all year round, however the best times to do them are spring and autumn.

"Mare e Monti" North
From Calenzana to Cargèse, this path has probably the most hikers as it does not have any major difficulty. It is broken down into 10 stages of 4 to 7 hours (10 days), with a maximum altitude of 1 153 m, it progresses vertically in relation to the sea and crosses the Balagne. It offers some magnificent viewpoints over the sea and mountains and particularly dominates two Unesco conservation areas: the Scandola reserve and the gulf of Porto. It oten follows the impressive gorges of the Spelunca before descending to Cargese through the mountains. The shelters are situated successively at Calenzana, Bonifatu, Tuarelli, Galeria, Girolata, Ota, Evisa, Marignana, Revinda E Case and Cargèse.

"Mare e Monti" South
From Porticcio to Propriano, over a five day period (5 stages of 4 to 6 hours) this hike enables you to visit the most beautiful gulfs in the south of Corsica, that of Ajaccio and Valinco.(Maximum altitude of 870 m). It cuts across the forest of Chiavari where the ruins of the penal colony still stand and the prehistoric site of Capo Muro, it winds along the sea and at the foot of the mountains before going into the gorges to regain Olmeto and decend to Propriano. You stop off at Bisinao, Coti-Chiavari, Porto-Pollo, Olmeto and finish up at Burgo. There are only two shelters on this path (at Bisinao and Burgo), elsewhere you should organize sleeping in a hotel on camping.

The paths ‘da mare a mare’ (from sea to sea) are also easy paths which cross the island from east to west from one side to the other.

"Mare a Mare" North
From Moriani to Cargese passing through Corte, there are 10 stages of 4 to 6 hours (10 days). It winds along the bottom of some of the highest peaks(maximum altitude 1 600 m) and uses some of the paths of the GR20. From the 8th day, it merges with Mare et Monti north to Cargèse. The shelters are situated at Pianellu, Sermanu, Corte, Calacuccia, Albertacce, Casamaccioli, Evisa and along the Mare e Monti north.

"Mare a Mare" Centre
From Ghisonaccia to Porticcio, in 7 stages of 4 to 6 hours (7 days). It is without any real difficulty, its itinerary takes up some of the most beautiful paths in the island: le col de Laparo, le Haut-Travo, le col Saint-Georges...(Maximum altitude 1 525 m). You stop off at Serra di Fiumorbu, Catastaju, Col de Laparo, Cozzana, Guitera-les-bains, Quasquara, Col St-Georges and finish up in Porticcio.

"Mare a Mare" South
From Porto-Vecchio to Propriano, in 5 stages of 5 hours (5 days). It is the shortest of all the paths and has a maximum altitude of 1 171 m. This is a magnificent hike, a few hundred yards away from les aiguilles de Bavella and Monte Incudine (the island’s second biggest mountain), you cross the wild area of l'Alta Rocca and what are supposed to be some of the most beautiful villages in the island. You stop off in Cartalavonu, Levie, Sarra-di-Scopamene and Santa-Lucia di Tallano and go through the beautiful village of Quenza.