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 Corsican city : Santa Mariadi LotaCorsican city : Santa Mariadi Lota

Casinca Corsica city : Vescovato

 Corsican city : San Martino di LotaCorsican city : San Martino di Lota


Place Luce de Casabianca
20215 Vescovato
Tél :04 95 36 70 19
Mail :mairie-vescovato@wanadoo.fr
Web :www.vescovato.fr

The town of Vescovato is located in the north east of Corsica, in the micro-region Casinca whose territory is bounded on the north by the river Golo and south by the river Fium'alto. Its territory consists of a narrow strip of land east-west direction and

The town is the capital of Canton Vescovato which is also composed of municipalities Venzolasca Casinca di Loreto, Sorbo-Ocagnano, Castellare di Casinca, Penta di Casinca and Porras.


The geology of the area is fairly recent since the geological terrain that is composed of eras dating quaternary secondary. We can distinguish several structural units:
- The land of the plain geological dating of the Quaternary. Old of about 1.65 million years, geological formations of the plain, sedimentary, are composed of alluvium of Golo. This alluvial plain is now the agricultural area of the town from the eastern side of the RN 198 and to the mouth of the Golo.
- The land of the piedmont geological dating of the tertiary and secondary. Old 5 to 20 million years, the outcropping rocks are metamorphic schists lustrous.


The climate of the town is comparable to that of the region Castagniccia. The characteristics of Mediterranean climate are paramount: high average temperatures (around 15 ° C), a summer drought and high rainfall in autumn and spring (between 700 and 800 mm).


The town has continued to see its population grow throughout the 20th century. While Vescovato had only 1056 inhabitants in 1962, in forty years, this figure has more than doubled to 2343 people today.
This increase is observed in all common Casinca and shows the attractiveness of this micro-region that attracts many active, willing to live outside the metropolitan Bastia.
In steady increase between 1962 and 1975 (+ 50% increase during the first intercensal period and +25% in the second), however, accuses the population in the early eighties ten, a slight decline in its growth.
The last census, it marks a significant increase in the number of new housing (over a hundred between 1999 and 2006), saw a slight increase in population with 2343 people registered from 1 January 2009.
Vescovato The image is of a young and dynamic town. In fact, less than 20 years represent one quarter of the
population, while those over 60 years does represent a fifth.

Local Life

Facilities and utilities located on Vescovato are numerous. The commercial network is expanded, particularly in Metro Arena and along the RN 198: supermarket music, great local service, car dealerships, gas station and other small shops and professional services ... creating a economic hub for satisfying the needs of local people.
On the old village, there are some shops (bars - restaurants - slaughter). A grocery reopened in August 2007.

Vescovato : Casinca Corsica city


Place Luce de Casabianca
20215 Vescovato

Tél : 04 95 36 70 19
Mail : mairie-vescovato@wanadoo.fr
Site : www.vescovato.fr