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Arts et culture - Les traditions

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Island loves, historical traditions, suffering difficulties of like who had to emigrate have given Corsicans undeniable sentimental identity.

The deep rooted values of Corsica people are very present in the island, a stronger reason, since the nationalistic movement has given the taste of national Corsican identity.

The sense of honour and respect of giving ones promised word comes surely, on priority of values. Everyone has heard about the "vendetta" (revenge). The distance of the Genoese justice and the lack of its application have for a long time pushed one who had been greatly fended to take justice into his own hands. The honour code obliged this.
Honorary bandits were born from this having become outlaws, hidden for years sometimes in the scrub for having justified by gun. These who above the hunting tradition are today part of the Corsican culture.

The family holds an equably privileged place several rules preserve its unity and continuity such as the choice of a first (Christian) name for a child which passes down from father to son.

The clan is another insular characteristic real extended family connects for away parents but also the members of community villages it’s a closed structure with faithful members in a closed circle of interests and blind services.

As in all islands, Corsicans have learned to be beware of those arriving from outside. First of all they watched out for the Italians called "I luchesi" then next the French "I pinzutti" and finally the "black feet". Today Corsica has a rare sense of welcome and hospitality to those who respect their island, its inhabitants, history and culture.